APLL Graduates

To date, 92 individuals have completed APLL and an additional 35 will finish in summer 2020 (and receive their certificates at the 2021 OLA Super Conference).


Of the graduates:

  • A total of 12 graduates (9.4%) have become a CEO either during or following the program, attributing some of their readiness and success to APLL
  • A further 6 have been an Acting CEO for at least a few months, sometimes for as long as a year
  • Additionally, 16 individuals have been promoted and taken on new and greater responsibilities, during or following APLL, and in at least a couple of cases, because of APLL
  • A total of 81 libraries (including 2 in northern Ontario), plus two provincial organizations (OLA and OLS – North) have, or have had, an APLL graduate or participant on staff, either when they were in the program or following
  • As part of the program, each APLL participant completed a local library project that was of concrete benefit to his or her library. Examples include:

    • an online Tech2Go curriculum for all staff
    • a detailed project plan to guide staff efforts to set up and ready a new branch facility
    • a style guide for social media and promotional materials
    • various policies and procedures related to the launch of a new service
    • a team building initiative to inspire and motivate the staff of a very busy branch, including part-timers.

APLL graduates report that as a result of taking APLL, they:

  • Have more confidence in their own abilities, especially leadership and speaking with authority
  • Spend more times thinking things through before acting, therefore acting more deliberately and strategically
  • Rely on knowledge, skills and abilities they learned in APLL
  • Cultivate relationships as a core leadership practice
  • Value and continue to turn to the strong professional network created by going through the program as a cohort.

A few impact statements: