Public Library Operating Grant

Opening Date

PLOG opens early September


Usually October 31st of the same year

How to Proceed


Access PLOG Application

Public Library Operating (PLOG), Public Library Pay Equity (PE) and/or First Nation Salary Supplement (FNSS) Grants is completed through one single application form found within "Transfer Payment Ontario"

Launch Notification

Each public library and contracting municipality will receive a launch e-mail from the Ministry just before the application opens.

Application Requirements

ALL libraries and contracting organizations must complete the main PLOG application form.


Beyond that, there are specific requirements. See examples.

  • if a library qualifies for PE, then a Pay Equity Report must be attached
  • if a library qualifies for FNSS, an FNSS Report must be attached
  • if a library receives more than $25,000 from the Ministry, then other financial data such as an audited statement is required;
  • and if library banking information has changed, then a new Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form is required.

Who to Contact

For assistance with PLOG, contact:

For inquiries in French, contact:

Ministry staff responsible for the Public Library Opening Grant: