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Eclipse Tablet Projector

Offer Ends: April 30, 2020

Category: Hardware

Description: The HEXA Eclipse is a portable, touch-screen tablet computer with projector built-in. All possible ports on a projector tablet and with Windows operating system, Bluetooth, and WiFi, making it suitable for running programs and projecting anywhere in the library. No Setup required!

Until April 12, 2019, any library that purchases the Eclipse will also get two free Atlantis Android tablets

Product Price: Regular price is $1200 per device. We offer 40% discount to Ontario Public Libraries so that the cost to the libraries will be $720. Shipping is also included in the price.

Special Instructions: Please contact Ali Fard (details below) and let him know that you are interested in the SOLS library offer.

Product Website: myhexa.com/pages/eclipse-projector

Vendor: HEXA

Vendor Contact:

Ali Fard
Business Development Manager and Product Strategy
(866) 708-8020
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.