VDX Self-directed Training Roadmap


What is INFO Network?

Learning Objective

Learn about the INFO interlibrary loan network, focusing on how items can be borrowed and loaned.


Get the "big picture" overview of how libraries can provide for the informational, cultural and recreational needs of their citizens, using the resources of public libraries across the province and beyond. 

Introduction to the INFO network   (short overview video) 

What is borrowing?   (short overview video)

What is lending?   (short overview video)
VDX Self-Directed Training Tools
OLS Interlibrary Loan Resources

Screen Navigation and Workflow

Login and navigation

Learning Objective

Learn how to log-in to VDX and navigate sidebar menu and context-sensitive top row links.


You can search catalogues as a guest. You must log-in with your STAFF account barcode and password to create and manage requests.

A user can search catalogues as a guest  (Pg 8)

Log-in with your STAFF account barcode and password to create and manage requests  (Pg 8)

Warning - VDX not compliant with browser Back button navigation or multiple VDX sessions open in the same browser  (Pg 8)

Screen navigation (sidebar selection changes context sensitive row top links) (Pg 9)


  • None
Work Queue and workflow

Create Requests

Searching Catalogues

Learning Objective

Learn how to search INFO catalogues for items you need to obtain for your patron through interlibrary loan. View Related Video


Learn about search profiles, types of searches you can perform, and how to fine tune your search results.


Standard search (keyword anywhere in bibliographic record) (Pg 16)

Advanced search (multiple search fields, with Boolean) (Pg 17-18)

Search profiles - [shared] system defaults available to all users (Pg 19-20)

Search results display and navigation (Pg 21)

Understand that your goal is finding bibliographic results at this stage and not locations (Pg 22)

Manipulation of Search results - Merge, Filter, Sort, Status, History, Saved List, Save Search (Pg 23-27)


Log-in to the VDX Test System.  Practice the examples used on manual pages 16-18, 20 or use your own practice topics.

Pick a profile that you identify with as a "home" profile for first search.

Create requests from search results
Rota creation



Learning Objective

Learn how to receive and circulate borrowed items. View Related Video


Process received items and prepare them for circulation to your patron.

Pending (Work queue category while waiting for lenders to respond) (Pg 51)

Shipped (Work queue category while awaiting arrival from a lender (Pg 52)

Receiving items - update request to Received status in VDX (Pg 53)

Patron notification for received items - Print Received List slips to facilitate patron pick-up notification and circulation (Pg 54)

Local circulation procedure for borrowed items. (Pg 55)



Login to VDX Test System. Select a request in Borrower work queue "Shipped" category and update it to "Received" status. Print the Received List report that assists with patron notification procedures. What has been the practice for circulating borrowed ILL items in your library? Do you use the generic "Interlibrary Loan Item" barcode method or does your library do a "Brief Add Title" to link to the patron's circulation record?

Request transaction history
Respond to Conditional Loan
Terminate or Cancel
Overdue or Lost
ILL Requests Communications
Idle requests
End of Rota
VDX User Records

Beyond Basic Borrowing

Journals, OLS mediation, custom search profiles, non print, book clubs

Learning Objective

Learn how to create a custom search profile of DVD lenders and authorize requests specifically to those locations.


It is more efficient to direct your DVD requests to libraries willing to lend them on interlibrary loan and avoid locations that will not lend that format.

Journal articles (Copy non-returnable requests) (Pg 78-79)

Using blank "Create Request" form when a suitable bibliographic record is not located within VDX (Pg 80-81)

Creating custom search profiles (Pg 82-83)  View Related Video

Requesting non-print items (DVD, CD, etc.) (Pg 84)  View Related Video

Requesting multiple copies for Book Clubs (Pg 85-87)



Login to VDX Test System. Create a short custom search profile for that practice.


Borrowing externally - going outside of our INFO network


Lender - New incoming requests

Learning Objective

Learn to monitor for new incoming requests that need your attention. View Related Video


Print a Pick List of new incoming requests that need processing.

Monitor Lender work queue "New Requests" category for new incoming requests from borrowing libraries (Pg 108)

Response time before expiry (4 working days -  Mon-Fri, not including Sat & Sun, and stat holidays) (Pg 108)

Print a Pick List report to check availability and shelves (Batch Reruns if need to reprint) (Pg 109)


  • None
Lender - Shipping
Lender - Interim and Non-Supply responses
Lender - Cancel/Renewal pending and automated overdues
Lender - Temporary lending suspension
Lender - Temporary lending suspension

VDX Borrower & Lender Functions

Request Search Methods

Learning Objective

Learn how to find your requests in VDX to view or process them. View Related Video


There are two ILL Request Search interfaces for finding requests - Simple Search quick index for current requests and Advanced Search for more complex search options.


Simple Request Search - quick index search to find currently active requests in process (Pg 42)

Advanced Request Search - perform more complex search strategies and find inactive or completed transactions (Pg 43-44)

WorkQueue category browse to find request (use sort options to facilitate browsing) (Pg 45)

Sorting and printing search results (Sort by the menu at top of the results screen, Print top row link (Pg 45)


  • Log in to VDX test system.  Make note of any request in borrower work queue "Pending" category.  Practice finding the request by request #, Author/Title keyword, and patron name in both Simple and Advanced Request search interfaces.
  • Open Borrower work queue “Returned” category and sort results by Return Date ascending.
  • Open Borrower work queue “Received” category and sort results alphabetically by Title.
Bulk action
Library Location Records
Optional VDX configurations for Borrowers and Lenders

Standard Reports & ILL Statistics

Standard workflow reports

Learning Objective

Learn how to print standard workflow reports and get reprints.


VDX generates standard workflow reports to facilitate request management.

Picklist, Shipping List, Received List, Returned List are selected from Work Queue (Pg 121)

Batch Reruns to view or reprint previously generated reports (Pg 121)

Printing "one-off" standard reports for single items (Pg 121)


  • None
ILL statistics

Delivery via Canada Post

Delivery between libraries

Learning Objective

Learn about delivery options for interlibrary loan materials.


Using Canada Post's Library Shipping Tool to create mailing labels OLS Website

How to package and label materials OLS Website

Filling requests for VOCL - Lenders shipping to Virtual Online Community Library patrons OLS Website



Find the step-by-step workflow instructional document for creating Library Material Rate mailing labels on the website.