VDX Training Manual

VDX User Manual

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Login & Screen Navigation

Learn how to log-in to VDX and navigate sidebar menu and context-sensitive top row links.

Workflow & Work Queue

Learn about a typical day for VDX staff and how the Work Queue supports your activities.

Searching Catalogue for Items

Learn how to search INFO catalogues for items your patrons have requested on interlibrary loan.

Create Requests from Search Results

Learn how to create requests based on a search result.

Rota Creation

Learn how and when staff would manually create a request rota instead of letting VDX build the rota automatically.

Request Search Methods

Learn how to find your requests in VDX to view or process them.

Bulk Action Processing Multiple Requests

Learn how to process multiple requests requiring the same action and save some time.

Borrowing Request Administration

Learn how to perform ongoing request administration - receiving, returning, renewals and more.

Inactive & not supplied Borrower Requests

Learn how to analyze an idle request to determine why it has not successfully launched as a request.

Overdue or Lost Borrowed Items

Learn how to follow up on Overdue borrowed items, respond to Recall notices and put closure on lost or damaged items.

Communications from the Request

Learn how to send Request messages to libraries and patrons.

Beyond Basic Borrowing (internal)

Learn how to request photocopies, OLS mediation, create custom search profiles - non print, book clubs.

Borrowing outside of INFO Network

Learn about the options for sending a request to a supplier outside of our INFO network.

Library Location Records

Learn how to search for information about any library you might want to send a request to.

User Records in VDX (or not)

Learn how to create and edit user records or use free text entry of patron details instead of creating user records.

Lending Procedures

Learn to monitor for and respond to new incoming requests and ongoing request administration.

VDX Reports

Learn how to print standard workflow reports and get reprints.


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