Update From Library And Archives Canada

In March, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) announced that it had signed a contract with OCLC to replace AMICUS and manage Canadian library holdings data. You may have also noticed Library and Archives Canada’s funding announcement for copy cataloguing/reporting holds and interlibrary loan service for public libraries of up to 50,000 population served. 

Here is some clarification from LAC staff about both the “access” to the new union catalogue and what the new funding means to Ontario Public Libraries:


Union Catalogue Access

  • The new library catalogue is slated to go live in the Fall of 2018.  The current AMICUS site will be available until sometime in the spring, although it will not be up to date. 
  • Anyone will be able to access the web interface of the new LAC catalogue to view bibliographic records.   For an example of what a union catalogue looks like on OCLC, visit New Zealand’s Te Puna catalogue at  https://tepuna.on.worldcat.org/

Interlibrary Loan Services

  • Ontario public libraries do not need to apply for funded subscriptions for Interlibrary Loan service, as it is provided by OLS and OLS-North with the VDX system (or through the OLS ILL Unit mediation services).
  • The funding initiative is to support small libraries across Canada without an interlibrary loan system who currently use AMICUS ILL request form for interlibrary loan and need a replacement once the National Union Catalogue is hosted by OCLC.

Copy Cataloguing

  • The OCLC web interface does not allow for copy cataloguing.  You cannot download MARC21 records from the web interface alone.
  • To be able to download MARC21 records into your own ILS system you would need to acquire a cataloguing subscription with OCLC.  Learn more about subscriptions on the OCLC website at https://www.oclc.org/en/cataloging-subscription/ordering.html.
  • JASI Users
    • If you choose to subscribe to the OCLC copy cataloguing plan, you will need to copy or upload the record provided into JASI. Any library who wishes to subscribe must do this on an individual library basis.  This is not a requirement for JASI members.
    • The new LAC catalogue will not be z39.50 compliant.  JASI will update their list of targets to include other relevant sites. 
    • Please contact OLS-North regarding upcoming collections purchasing and copy cataloguing options.

Funding for Copy Cataloguing

  • There is some funding available for those who wish to use LAC copy cataloguing services.  For public libraries, this funding is limited to libraries serving a population of under 50,000, who are not funded by the province for copy cataloguing.  Note that this makes small Ontario libraries eligible, as libraries in Ontario are not funded for copy cataloguing.
  • Further details on applying for this special funding can be found on the LAC website at http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/services/national-union-catalogue/Pages/questions-answers-contract-oclc.aspx#funding.