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Board Assemblies

Board Aseembly Meetings are held twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall. Meeting dates and times are posted below once confirmed.

To learn more about Board Assemblies, please visit the About webpage.

the Spring 2021 Board Assembly Presentation Deck.

No events

Networking Meetings

Library Networking Meetings give library CEOs an opportunity to discuss common issues. At these meetings Ontario Library Service Consultants provide updates on initiatives, programs, and services. The Networking Meeting groups are based on population size and geographic. Population size group meetings will occur in May and geography based meeting will occur in the early Fall.

No events

Informal Library Chats

Informal Library Chats offer a casual, facilitated environment for CEOs to gather, share ideas, engage with colleagues and the OLS, and discuss current topics of interest. Informal Library Chats are typically held bi-weekly on Thursdays with a reminder and connection details provided prior to each scheduled session. See below for the upcoming schedule and previous chat notes.
Dates are subject to change.
  • April 29: 10AM (9AMCT)
  • May 27: 10AM (9AMCT)
  • June 24: 10AM (9AMCT)
  • July 8: 2PM (1PM CT)
  • July 22: 10AM (9AMCT)
  • August 5: 2PM (1PM CT)
  • August 19: 10AM (9AMCT)
  • September 2: 2PM (1PM CT)
  • September 16: 10AM (9AMCT)
  • September 30: 10AM (9AMCT)
  • November 11: 2PM (1PM CT)
  • November 25: 10AM (9AMCT)
  • December 9: 2PM (1PM CT)
  • December 23: 10AM (9AMCT)